How it works

EvapGuard™ is an incredibly versatile 21 mils floating cover solution

EvapGuard™ material provides evaporation control, algae inhibition, debris reduction and temperature regulation. The material can be applied in modular sections or as a complete covering membrane to the surface of the water. With the addition of small holes during the fabrication process, the cover can also be used for rainwater harvesting.

Manufactured by Plastipack Ltd the material is available in roll form, 2.5m wide with a 50mm weld edge in 90m lengths. The material can then be welded into modular or amalgamated shaped cover by specialist fabricators to meet the required dimensions of the application.

The light grey top surface is highly reflective across the visible and near IR spectra, limiting solar gains and regulating the temperature of the water.

The bottom layer in which the GeoBubble™ profile is formed is an opaque black layer. This prevents light penetration into the water body, blocking photosynthesis and inhibiting algae propagation under the cover.

EvapGuard™ consists of 2 sheets of blended polyethylene to provide a strong durable material. The material has air cells for buoyancy and insulation featuring the patented GeoBubble™ technology bubble profile

The EvapGuard™ material is made using our patented GeoBubble™ technology